The Brief
McVitie’s objective was to create a bold and engaging sampling campaign to encourage the co-consumption of tea and McVitie’s biscuits, gain market share, category penetration and drive footfall into Tesco stores in the cold and wet autumn/winter months.

Corporate Innovations provided an impactful eye-catching road show, utilising ice cream vans and turning them into dynamic McVities Dunk Time Tea & Biscuit vans. The fully branded vehicles provided the perfect backdrop for the road show, engaging shoppers by helping them “Brighten Up Their Brew” before entering Tesco stores.

The road show was launched at Tesco Head Office where over 400 of their staff visited the van, sampled the McVities biscuits and left with limited edition McVities Mega Mug. The tour then set off to visit 100 Tesco Extra Stores throughout the UK during a six week period.

The campaign was also supported by radio activation in each area, further engaging shoppers and increasing footfall to stores. Shoppers then had a chance to win one of the limited edition McVitie’s Mega Mugs by being one of the first 20 shoppers rushing to the Dunk Time Van at each location and saying ‘I love McVities’. The activity also supported the McVities biscuits promotion in store creating great brand awareness and increased basket spend.