The Brief
To produce something that would demonstrate to ASDA that McVitie's were committed to working differently with them for the busy Christmas sales period.

Corporate Innovations supported the creation of a book illustrated by Leo Broadley, bound and published for circulation to all ASDA Buyers. Corporate Innovations were the linchpin liaising between the writer, illustrator, publisher and the client to ensure the very best outcome.

‘A Sweeet Christmas!’ was unveiled at a very informal, Christmas themed meeting where a senior member of the McVitie’s Sales Team asked the ASDA buyers to ‘Gather round to read you a Christmas story’. Ambience created and attention held. All at a meeting where attendees are usually formally dressed and meeting etiquette followed, this was an impactful launch of this never-seen-before idea.

Timescales were important within this project as we were given 48 hours from receipt of the text to edit and compile into the correct format with images before the print deadline.

This was so well received within McVitie’s, and UB as a whole, as it was such a new direction that differentiated UB from others that future ideas would need to be benchmarked against it.

“I received a copy of the Asda Xmas story book you prepared for the sell. I just had to drop you a line to say it is really fantastic! It’s incredibly creative yet really informative. It was really well received as it’s very engaging and really unique. I am sure it took a lot of work, but hopefully it will be rewarded with confirmation of a strong Asda Xmas plan which will be a big upside on last year. Well done all round.” Marketing Director, United Biscuits

'Wow!!!.... It's utterly brilliant...' Marketing Director (Sweet Biscuits) United Biscuits