I joined the client services team here at Corporate Innovations back in January, after working at another events agency for just over 4 years. Needless to say I certainly had those first day nerves and doubts of; would the team like me? Would I like them? Will the job be what I anticipated? And ultimately, had I made the right decision? Moving to a new role is always a big leap of faith so I was really anxious to see if my choice was the right one!

Well, I’m very glad to report that after three months I’m over the moon with my decision and love being part of the team here at Corporate Innovations! Therefore I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some tips on both why I love working at Corporate Innovations, how to settle into a new role and ultimately, finding the right fit!

When looking for a new role you need to consider– is the grass really greener on the other side? To tackle the unknown you need to ask the right questions of your new potential employers.  These days an interview is a two sided conversation! Here are my three key priorities when considering a move:

Clients - What clients will you be working with? Are these brands that you can identify with and feel passionately about? Are the projects things that excite and engage you? Check out the company’s website and portfolio of brands & projects before you even apply for a role.
Corporate Innovations work with some amazing global brands such as Microsoft, Royal Caribbean & McVitie’s to name just a few (see our case studies page for more).  What I’m loving about my new role is discovering brands that I haven’t worked with before and finding ways that we can help them to do better.  

Team – These are the people that you’re with day to day so you need to get on with them. Find out about the structure in advance and check who you’re reporting into (and make sure you meet them!) Being the newbie and adapting to new surroundings is always difficult, but if you’ve got a great team around you then it’s easy! Luckily after less than a week at Corporate Innovations it felt like I’d been here for years as the team were so welcoming and fun to be around. Events can be highly stressful sometimes, so working with people that you can have a laugh with is essential!

Culture – This is often overlooked but is one of the most important factors when trying to ‘find the right fit’. What’s important to that business?  Is it profit or client satisfaction?  Or even better, a successful balance of the two? You need to match up what drives you, with what drives the business. That way your efforts will always be rewarded, instead of being overlooked. 
I chose to come to Corporate Innovations because it strives to create great client satisfaction whilst being a profitable business (read Gareth’s recent blog for more!) This means both job satisfaction, as well as job security.

So for anyone out there considering a move, make sure you ask the right questions. Otherwise you might just be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire!

By the way, Corporate Innovations are hiring! Click here for more details.