So you’ve decided to run an incentive trip for your company, the destination has been decided. Excellent! Now what?

How do you make the group feel special?                

How do you make them feel like you have really thought about the detail?

I love organising incentive trips, because it lets us really think about the details (and for those of you that know me, I love a bit of detail!). We get to organise fun activities for guests, often once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and it really lets us get to know a destination and what it has to offer to visitors. However, it can be a challenge to make sure you have the right balance on the trip and to make sure you cater for all. So I’ve put together some pointers that we always consider at Corporate Innovations when putting itineraries together:

  1. Who’s going? If you’ve got a group that historically go on an annual golf trip, they might not be that enthusiastic about you whisking them away to a yoga retreat
  2. How do you get there? You need to choose the most suitable transport method for the group. If you need flights we will always recommend group flights as they have better fares and are more flexible when submitting passenger names. It can be the difference between spending £2,500 or £7,500 of your budget if you get it right. However, don’t discount the trains – the Eurostar from London is really useful and easy to catch if you’re running an event in Paris
  3. Consider the accommodation – that swanky new hotel might have top notch conference facilities and be £20 per room cheaper, but it might be 20 miles from all your activities, which takes away from valuable experience time and makes guests grumpy that they are constantly on and off transport
  4. Timing is key – if your guests have just spent 3 hours on a coach from the airport to the location, are they going to want to spend another 2 hours driving to their first activity (however amazing it is)?
  5. Make it relevant and exciting – it needs to be a good mix of activities that people will never have experienced before or that show off the local destination. Last year we took a group to the Grand Canyon (in helicopters) and served them up a champagne picnic during their visit – a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience
  6. It’s the little touches – think about how you can make guests feel really special. A personalised gift for them to take home to remember the trip by or a welcome letter informing them you’ve made arrangements for a surprise spa treatment to unwind after a long day. The list is endless here. 

If you want Corporate Innovations to take over your incentive trip or even want us to start from scratch and come up with some ideal programmes for your group, drop us a line and we will be more than happy to plan and advise!