The subject is a hot topic for discussion amongst both my business colleagues and my family, highlighted by me working in an industry that is unforgiving and correctly demands excellence at every turn. It is a constant frustration to me when continually faced with average or poor delivery from the various sectors that we engage with.  What makes this surprising is that we now have unlimited technology to assist us, access to oodles of data and more KPI measurements on dashboards and reports than I have ever known, so where is our industry going wrong?   

On the business front, when recently viewing potential venues for a major autumn event, The Octo MotoGP at Silverstone, both our team and client were horrified when visiting venues of the same star rating.  To say there was a gulf in standards was an understatement.  We experienced staff that appeared not to give a damn.  Venues that lacked desire for customer satisfaction that were un-cared for, dirty, un-loved and in many instances damn awful.  We came to the conclusion we are creating an epidemic in our country, which is creating a culture of profit over performance.

The key areas, on reflection are obvious, lack of investment in training and most not seeming to know what good looks like.  As managers of businesses we have a responsibility to our teams and our clients to demand better from every area in which we are responsible. At Corporate Innovations it’s the bedrock on which we have built our business, our culture and our future.

I truly believe our industry is becoming lazy, and the reason is simple, to deliver excellence in anything takes hard work, dedication and commitment and too many people, too many managers, just want an easy ride. On a regular basis I witness staff being rude, unhelpful and unwilling to address basic requests from guests; train companies, hotels, restaurants, internet providers, power suppliers and even our biggest love of the last decade, coffee shops.  It’s staggering we have allowed the quest for profit to dismantle block by block a standard of excellence that I used to think was the default of good business.

Corporate Innovations has a commitment to delivering excellence for both our employees and for our clients. Some of our most loyal clients share this value and like us continually invest in people and technology and through this create a culture of loyalty, both internally and externally.  Of course it’s important that our businesses make money but without performance you don’t retain clients, without people you have no business.  Does that mean you can no longer run a business and make money?  You might think so if you watch the world we live in now, but I personally believe it’s both stupid and very short term to value profit over performance and at Corporate Innovations we are fortunate to have a team that share that view and clients that value us for delivering excellence in all that we do for them without putting our profits before their satisfaction.

If you want to know more about what makes Corporate Innovations a passionate award winning agency, get in touch with us, but only if you want excellence and people that care about what they do.