You receive a proposal from a venue or a hotel, a shiny online brochure complete with professional and seamless pictures, perfect for your event! It fits the bill from every angle providing the required meeting space, bedrooms and comes in within budget. You arrive the day of the event to find it’s far from your expectations. Not only were the images on the marketing material at least 5 years out of the date, the service and food is average, the bedrooms look like a throwback to the 90’s, and the building site next door is working hard to construct a new shopping centre!

Site visits can sometimes drop off the to-do list when struggling to find space in your diary or you’re working to a really short lead-time. However, the benefits of sparing the time to go and experience a venue first hand outweigh the drawbacks significantly. It may mean a few hours or a day blocked out of the calendar, however it saves immense time in the future when it comes to the finer planning details/new venue researching.

So why is a site inspection so important?

(1) You get to see and assess the venue with your client’s requirements at the forefront. Does it meet the criteria and complement the brand look and feel? Yes – great! No – rethink the brief or move onto the next option and reduce any further time wasting

(2) You can trial the venue experience first-hand as if you were an event attendee. How do staff interact with guests? Is the guest information and direction clear if you haven’t been to the property before?

(3) It helps avoid any unexpected curveballs. Site visits allow for detailed and thorough briefings to be conducted. Walk through the requirements and highlight the particulars as it can mean a deal breaker when choosing from a number of options.  Talking through the specifics from the offset means that all parties involved are on the same page and will again save time during the planning process.

The value of taking the time to experience a property first hand is significant. A recent client was able to finalise a venue choice in a matter of hours having spent weeks researching options. Another client had high expectations for a property which proved unsatisfactory in reality. Through the wealth of venue knowledge our team has gained from site visits conducted in the last 12 months alone, we have been able to provide handpicked recommendations with proven track records.

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