Always wishing you could work less to spend more time with your family and friends, constantly worrying about dropping the ball?  Relying on your iPhone calendar to remind you of the 101 things you have to do this week? We’ve all been there and we definitely all have the t-shirt, but that’s life right?

I recently returned to work after 12 months maternity leave. Was it harder than I imagined it would be? Did I miss my girls terribly? Did I struggle to write an email for the first week and fear answering the phone in case I didn’t know the ins and outs of what the caller was asking? YES YES and YES.  The truth was I had under estimated MASSIVELY what trading daytime telly and coffee with friends for the hustle and bustle of my career would mean for me after so much time out of the daily grind.

Looking at other articles out there, I see I’m not alone. 

Interestingly the work/life balance has evolved from the work/leisure balance which seems a better way to describe it. But, in this technological age you are always connected, and uninterrupted leisure time is difficult, even non-existent.  Is the concept of work/life balance realistic as there is no clear distinction between the two? In the OECD Better Life Index the United Kingdom ranks 24/36 in the average amount of hours devoted to personal care and leisure time by country. Only 1.4 hours above Turkey that have the least devoted hours.  At the end of the day, surely flexibility in the workplace and being able to balance work and non-work activities can end up making employees happier and more productive? And that’s good for business in the long run.

Four weeks in and I’m back in to the swing of things, routines are taking shape and I’m enjoying my hot coffees in peace (not re-heated in the microwave 3 times because the baby was hysterical the last two times and it went cold).  I’m remembering the parts of my career I love but most importantly I am remembering what makes me tick.  What I’m passionate about and why I work in the industry I do, for the company I do, and the clients I do.

Yes, it’s a fast paced industry with deadlines galore but I love it, it’s what I do, it’s my day-to-day job and it’s what I am passionate about which is why my clients depend on me over and over again to support them delivering their most successful and seamless events.

So I’m back in the groove, my passion for both my home and work life is re-ignited, the balance is restored.

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