So there I was, sat in the middle of my tastefully decorated dining room composing another blog on reward and recognition, and realised that when companies are trying to engage and motivate B2B, B2E & B2C, it’s really akin to the build up to Christmas for our kids.

I thought back to the end of November when I filled my children’s advent calendars with treats ready for unveiling on December 1st. This signals to my children that Christmas is finally just around the corner. With little comprehension of time, my 5 year old finally understands, that when she has eaten nearly her body weight in chocolate over the next 24 days, Father Christmas will visit, and all her good behaviour during December will be worthwhile, as presents will appear in abundance.

Is this any different to any of the reward and recognition programmes that are in evidence in the workplace? We entice with points, monetary rewards, peer to peer thanks, the list is endless, all enticing our respective audiences to achieve their objectives and reach the highest goal and the biggest reward, appearing top of the leader board or receiving the largest vote of thanks/ gift/ or pay-out.

From young to old, this kind of motivation is proven to be effective within the workplace. Engaging a reward and recognition system is universally a good thing. I think we all agree with recent research, crossing every business sector, that an engaged team is the way forward. Externally it can increase your competitor stand out and internally raises retention levels which all, in turn, can equal better results on your bottom line. ( Engagement for a Changing World Feb 2014) So if it works in the long term why do some companies insist on only rewarding at Christmas with that bottle of wine, whisky or chocolates?

Even parents have extended the Christmas motivation technique into reward charts that work day upon day, week upon week. We should not forget that, at the end of the day, adults are big kids at heart, and the same motivations that made them tick when they were little, still work now they are adults. We sit in 1:1’s, strategy meetings & CRM sessions trying to understand how we need to step up to achieve our specific business target and how many of us have heard parents in stores recently saying; ‘If you don’t behave I’ll tell Father Christmas?’

So to all you companies that only say thank you at Christmas, you need to reward throughout the year to increase levels of engagement and motivation for long term change/ achievements. Give Corporate Innovations a call and together we’ll help reward the big kids in your business sector, at this festive time, and throughout the year.