Accessibility is all about inclusion, opening up your site for everyone but what does it mean and why should you do it? 

By making your site accessible you are allowing people of all physical abilities to access it which is going to mean you can reach more people, however, I hear you say “we know our target audience and we know that none of them have any special requirements” - I expect you are forgetting one key audience type… robots!

OK, we are not talking about Brian the very helpful robot from (other insurance comparison sites are available), we are talking about the robots that scan most sites on a daily basis to get your search engine rankings.

Rankings can depend on a number of factors such as links into and out of a site, keywords, metadata, site context and what we are looking at here, the ability for the robot to read and understand the site. This is helped by good practices set out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) on accessibility.

I am sure I am starting to lose you now… think of it this way - if your site is written to the same standards as a fully accessible site, you will find your search engine rankings rocket, as the robots scanning your pages can better understand the site. We can all understand and appreciate that if a robot scanning your site can gather information and understand the context, then it is going to score better.

Accessibility is for everyone and it seems everything.

Here at Corporate Innovations, we take pride in producing beautiful websites that look beautiful to robots (and people), so give us a shout!