So, as everyone that belongs to the parenting world will know, the least ideal scenario is being woken at an ungodly hour by a less then well child knowing that the next day in the office is full of conference calls, a constant stream of emails and things you cannot fall behind on.  You pop them back to bed and pray for a miracle by the time actual morning comes around. No such luck on this particular occasion.

If you’re fortunate enough to be part of an organisation that promotes remote working, gone are the days of having to call in sick to stay home or the other extreme of going into work and palming your offspring onto an unsuspecting grandparent.

The challenge is, how do you stay motivated to continue productivity when you are in the comfort of your own home? From my recent experiences, here is my ‘how to guide’ on staying focused  . . .

  1. Get the radio on - believe it or not, noise is actually supposed to improve productivity and refresh your creativity!
  2. Contact the outside world – stay in touch with your colleagues when remote working; sending instant messages and texts is one way to stay connected!
  3. Take regular breaks just like you should in the office – studies show that the most productive workers are focussed for 52 minutes and then disengage for 17 minutes. This is just long enough to recharge and refresh!
  4. Designate a space – set up a working camp! It’s really easy to potter around and work from the sofa or even your bed but this kind of scattered working will eventually be shown in your work!
  5. Get dressed – as easy as it is to think ‘I’ll just roll out of bed and jump straight on the laptop’ it won’t make you productive. Wash you face, brush your teeth and put some clothes on; your work will be more meaningful!
  6. Draw up an agenda – figure out the hours of work where your productivity peaks and schedule the valuable work in for then.

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