Does your brand have re-sellers or consumers that are motivated by sport and sporting events? Considering running an incentive, an overlay or an on pack offer connected with this summer’s sporting events?

2016 is rich in opportunity for these types of events. UEFA Champions League has three British teams through to the knock out stages.  UEFA EURO 2016 is in France with a strong Home Nations representation, the short journey time making incentives incredibly attractive to UK-based businesses.   Team GB carries a nation’s hopes to the Olympics in Rio – 3rd in the medal table behind the USA and China in London 2012 – can they repeat this success?  T20 Cricket World Cup in India, the Ryder Cup in Minnesota, Chris Froome defending the Tour De France…. The list goes on….

BUT, while corporate packages are available, and make excellent entertainment if you are not a title sponsor, there are very strict rules as to what you can and can’t do with tournament names, logos, trophies and other sponsorship properties, all in place to rightly protect the sponsors who are paying for the licence to use these assets.

There are serious consequences if you flout the rules, which are designed to protect the sponsors who have paid up for the privilege of association to the event. In this example Footballer Nicklas Bendtner was banned for one match and fined £80,000 pounds for flashing the sponsored waistband of his underpants for bookmakers Paddy Power while celebrating a goal against Portugal at Euro 2012 – so there can be significant consequences both for the brand and for the athlete if you choose to use their image. Although as a brand it’s a huge gamble if you choose to trade the fine off for the PR it will receive…...

Title sponsors have many rights, which depend on the event they sponsor. In general, non-sponsors cannot use the following in the public domain:

1. Event logos e.g. the Olympic rings

2. Event names e.g. ‘Rio 2016’

3. Event trophies: e.g. the FA Cup

4. Images of the stadia: e.g. Wembley Stadium.

5. Generics, such as countries may be used (Pot Noodle’s Brazilian Steak Flavour & its advertising is an excellent example of clever ambush by association)  or you may be able to find a clever route through, as demonstrated by this KitKat ad.

Thus, if you understand the rules of the game, and abide by them, sporting events can be an extremely powerful lever for both product overlays and internal incentives.

CI Group has been running corporate entertainment, overlays, logistics and on pack offers for both title sponsors and non-sponsors for 20 years. If you’d like to talk about the opportunity presented in 2016 give me a shout.