In my experience, working quickly is not necessarily always working smart. People will state they got through 100 emails in a day or they stayed late to rush through a tricky project. All well and good if you are up against a tight deadline, but not so great if the work needs amending afterwards, oversights or resultant mistakes are made. 

I know on occasion I can be guilty of focusing too much on the detail, however I prefer to sit down, take my time, and run through a job carefully to ensure it’s right and I only need do my job only once! 

We all have to deal with high level briefs occasionally, sometimes there’s an assumption that we know a job needs doing this way or that way, and then a major rework is required downstream when we fill in the guesswork incorrectly!  The devil’s in the detail and the more detail we can flush out, invariably the happier the client is with the end result.

We’ve designed raft of processes and briefs that when completed flush out all the small detail and allow the team to build in the confidence that we’ve a thorough understanding of our client requirements, specification documents that capture these, test processes that ensure functionality works as expected and invariably the end result is a quicker, more positive project all around.

While it appears to slow things down in the first instance, the net result is that we’re not playing the Chinese whisper game played against the clock and the clients are happier!

We’ve all sat in briefing meetings where concentration wanes and attention strays to telephones, checking emails or even a little people watching.  But I have learnt, over the years, the importance of these meetings and to include as many of the relevant people as possible.  Every little question can be asked, avenue pursued and confusion cleared up.   I should let you know that Corporate Innovations’ briefing meetings are thorough and all-consuming.

Taking time at the beginning means we all save time and the clients’ money at the end.

So to ensure you receive the work you think you’ve briefed and for you to work smart, contact Corporate Innovations.