The first thing about my resolutions is that they are not “New Year Resolutions”, they are issues that are personal “imperatives”, that I should have resolved to remedy at many a turn, however it’s all too easy to find reasons why we never get to these on our to-do list.  The turn of the calendar merely marks time to the occasion that I choose to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and get the house in order, make me a better person, bring more karma and generally enrich my life. Maybe.

Making them achievable is going to be key; a quick Internet search reveals that 55% of people make resolutions, however only 8% achieve them!

So, first things first; 

1. Digesting data. In the digital realm we are overwhelmed with data – or can be if we allow ourselves to be! Data allows us to secure insight and make informed decisions. To achieve insight the data needs to be presented in a structured and clear fashion which is where my dashboards come in to play. If a picture represents 1000 words, a dashboard creates gold nuggets from 100,000 lines of data. So, investing time in setting up dashboards that allow me to better mine the data and determine trends to action is going to be a priority.

2. Thinking further ahead. To better provide clients with relevant and engaging ideas we need to better understand their planning cycles and then factor in our own planning and ideation time to dovetail in a timely manner. Everyone’s working to different timescales; we have a range of clients whose agendas vary from next week and next month to those that are already planning Christmas 2016 campaigns!

3. Focusing more on quality than quantity. A shotgun approach is great when generating ideas as you might nail a killer one, however when it comes to execution, focusing energies on quality is what will deliver the results. It will cut through the clutter and leave a singular focused message driving home a point of difference.

4. Content.  Who are the happiest marketers? Content managers of course! Content creation has become an industry in itself, however the danger is to build a content generation machine rather than creative content that is timely and relevant to its audience.  Quality has a part to play here as well as appreciating the user experience, needs and wants. When the quality score is high, recycle and redeploy across different channels to drive home the messaging cost effectively.

5. Think Mobile Experience. So, these days we invariably build websites that translate well onto mobile and tablet devices, however do we think enough about the experience on these devices? It’s great that the menu shuffles down the page and everything fits on my iPhone, however rarely do we consider if the experience is optimised for mobile – how should it differ from desktop? Horses for courses. An example might be should I shorten this narrative in order that out and about readers are not presented with an endless page of my stream of consciousness. Sounds like a cue to conclude!

So, there you have it, FIVE imperatives that will help me shape my priorities over the next few months; hopefully all pretty achievable at this, or any other time of year!