"Loyalty doesn’t exist in clients anymore."

The above statement does not sit comfortably with me, but seems to be the rhetoric being touted by some in the Corporate Market as I witnessed at a recent seminar. But then hearing stories as they looked to justify burning agencies or exploiting their existing supply chain via 9 way pitches and 12 agency RFP’s, I was extremely grateful not to be a supplier to that particular blue chip Corporate.

Having recently celebrated 18 years with the CI Group and still enjoying a large number of loyal client relationships I strongly challenge the view that loyalty has gone from clients.

CI Group has been blessed with exceptional loyalty from dozens of clients during our 21 years of trading, an excellent example being our recent Changing Behaviours event, so expertly chaired by Martin Glenn. It attracted over 50 of our long term clients who came and celebrated excellence in business and exchanged stories and insight of how they have embraced behaviour change in their work place to deliver excellence for their clients.

The golden rules that were consistently repeated by everyone were refreshing and equally pleasing to us as it’s the core of our offering; have a clear plan, keep the message simple, believe what you say or don’t say it and be rigorous in what you do. I find it so rewarding listening to our clients and their route to success, as I have learnt, “listening” is a far greater skill than talking because all too often we rush to talk about our views or solution without fully understanding our clients’ challenges.

Having witnessed one of the finest client presentations for some time this week, I reflected on why it made such a positive impact. Seeing the long term client press the ‘I am excited and want to know more button’ was so rewarding. Everyone thinks they follow the golden rules and always listens first but we know that is not always true. Listening, planning, insight and passion cannot be picked up and put down when it suits, and seeing our team within the group demonstrate all those traits, it gives me such a buzz. I know from our clients’ feedback it excites them too and gives them the confidence to involve us right from the planning stage.

The CI Group is enjoying a golden generation both in terms of the exceptional talent we have within the group and the exceptional quality of client we are blessed with. The broadness of the Group’s capability, coupled with the passion and dedication of the team, allows us to continue to grow and develop our business supporting the ambition of our clients through innovation and simple, brilliant ideas. After 18 years, I am more excited about our Group’s future than ever before.

We will be hosting further events in 2016 to build on our belief that culture drives behaviour change and delivers better results than rigid process alone. Loyalty is something I passionately believe in from me to both my clients and my colleagues, after 18 years I hope my record speaks for itself.

You can view some of the insight Martin Glenn shared at our recent Changing Behaviours event by clicking here.