“When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved” Mattie Stepanek

Here at Corporate Innovations, we are big on collaboration – a trait we value ourselves on. This quarter’s CI Group meeting was all about celebrating said-trait. Fast track through the numbers, next quarter’s goals and awards section and we can focus on my favourite part (minus the cake), the activity!

To encourage collaboration, we were asked, in teams, to scout the streets of London for sign posts, street names and building names that began with our teams’ letters. The not so apprentice-style task? Getting as many people involved in the picture as possible taken outside the places that began with said letter. The determination in my team was high (which later led us to win), it even resulted in grabbing a busker’s microphone and screaming to the people of Oxford Street to “get in our picture”. What we soon realised was this was promoting collaboration on a larger scale. Not only within our team, collaborating with the general public.

The collaborative relationship between businesses and their consumers has been greater strengthened over previous years with social media. Through the various, easy to access networks, brands can communicate with consumers on a more frequent and personal level than ever before. As a result, consumers have become part of brands as opposed to an unheard public voice.

Social media also gives you a chance to listen and work with your audience to enhance your brand and brand strategy. The power of the consumer is more important than ever because if they love your brand, the possibilities are endless. Sure it is great to use social media to talk to your consumers, read their feedback and thank them for supporting you but why not take it one step further? With the right incentive, gamification and collaborative approach, your consumers can become your brand ambassadors.

We recently launched an industry-first for one of our clients using a virtual ’queuing’ system to win an amazing prize. How do they work their way to the top of the queue? Promoting the brand’s content on social media! We collaborated with an already engaged audience. Provided them with the right, interesting content to share across social media platforms and away they went. This generated column inches in the trade media, doubling efforts to generate buzz in the channel about their new ship launch and building excitement in advance of the event – all for free!

There is no doubt that social media has extended the reach of brand messaging proving that when people love a brand and have the right incentive, they are happy to share that brand’s messaging with their personal networks. The result? A voracious circle of positive social media amplification via an engaged audience promoting a brand’s messaging. Who could want more?

So, you have the social media interaction, but you’re stuck on how to take this to the next level? Give Corporate Innovations a call to discuss how we can collaborate our way to your end goal.