So how do you feel when you go to work? Happy? Nervous? Miserable? Motivated? Personally, motivation and what motivates people, interests me.

When you employ someone you hope they are self-motivated, but is it ok to leave it at that and ignore opportunities to motivate your team/ workforce to greater levels? What happens when someone was motivated but somehow lost it? What does being motivated actually mean? The dictionary definition says it’s having a reason for doing something. Remember, that could mean different things to different people. Money? Promotion? Fear? Threat?

The greatest self-motivation has got to be the exhilaration of a job well done, really enjoying yourself at work and feeling part of a team. I was sent an email recently that stated if you enjoy what you do, you will not do a day’s work in your life! But how many people jump out of bed in the morning joyous at the prospect of going to work?

Fundamentally we all want to be recognised and feel valued for our efforts. Self-motivation is important and, in the workplace, motivation should be nurtured and developed to ensure its continuation. As an employer you can cultivate this by introducing an employee incentive and reward programme.

At Corporate Innovations we help our clients to do just this; to increase engagement, improve communication and build a sense of excitement for achieving in the work place. Programmes can be created for individuals or teams, for sales targets met, KPIs realised, objectives achieved or for recognition of effort. They can run throughout the year with accelerators at certain times to boost engagement, or be linked to product launches/ seasonal fluctuations. They can also be delivered through many applications; web based, HTML communications or an event at your premises or a specially chosen location. Rewards can be selected to ensure the highest engagement from collecting points to purchasing items from a tailored catalogue, spot prizes, peer to peer e-Cards or a once in a lifetime trip to a fantastic destination. The benefits of all this is its flexibility to you and your company’s motivational requirements – ensuring all your employees have a ‘reason for doing something’.

How can Corporate Innovations help motivate your team?