So hands up if you have been to New York? Keep your hands up if you saw the Statue of Liberty whilst you were there and keep them up if you have been to the Empire State Building. This is the problem I had when designing an incentive trip for one of our clients and it was even more of an issue because the target audience were all senior managers who no doubt had been to New York before and experienced the usual tourist attractions whilst there.

There was no possible back-tracking on the destination as this had already been confirmed so I needed to be imaginative on what we offered the client. I decided the best approach would be to offer a trip that gave guests the chance to see the city and take part in some of the more traditional activities albeit with a little more ‘je ne sais quoi’ but leaving budget to do something really “wow” too.

As an agency we have a lot of destination knowledge so can often pull together a trip of a lifetime by brainstorming as a team in the office and pulling on everyone’s round the world experiences. This is where we come to life, to-ing and fro-ing on what we like and don’t like, feeling envious of the amazing trip in store for the client, really getting those creative juices flowing to build a unique itinerary.

The team did not let me down with some great ideas like taking the group for a private breakfast at Tiffany’s to buy their other halves a gift, a champagne reception at Top of the Rock, human curling at Rockefeller centre or perhaps checking out a filming of a TV show or a simply chilling out on a Sunday at a comic book store with a NY Slice. But I still wanted more!!!! My brief was simple “Give me something that you cannot book as a tourist”.

We had some great ideas …. One being a private tour of a closed Subway Station, however, it was such an exclusive activity there is only one person qualified to host these tours and he is on call to the Railways Department so can be swept away at a moment’s notice – too much of a risk. We continued to share ideas, knowing there was something out there, we just had not found it yet. Then finally we had it, the “Unique” factor. An activity that I felt would show New York from a completely different perspective and give the group a real insight into the City its amazing people and how the City ticks, I guess you want to know what it was? Well, we are going into a NYPD precinct to meet the detectives, to see where and how they work and once we have spent a few hours with them we go next door to a FDNY Fire House and spend time with the heroic Fire Fighters of New York.

It’s not just the “wow” factor that made it right it’s the fact it’s not an activity you can google and book online. It’s truly one of its kind, adding a sprinkling of the client brand throughout the programme, we now knew we really had something.

So if you need an incentive trip that’s unlike any other, which has a truly unique “wow” factor, give Corporate Innovations a call, we have a solution to surprise and delight you.