I’ve been a runner for a few years now, initially running to keep fit, lose a few lbs and catch up with friends. But over the past year I’ve added in speed work, hills and even interval training to improve, thus increasing my speed, stamina and endurance levels. So it’s all become a bit more serious. With the step up came the need and pressure to purchase some running technology.

The technology to log how far or how fast I’ve gone and of course how many calories I’ve burned. I was reticent to begin with as I thought it would take away the love of just getting out there in all weathers and leaving the cares of the day behind me. But how wrong was I? My enjoyment and engagement levels increased because I could see my improvement and it gives me new goals to aim for.

Happily though my reaction is backed by ample research that suggests that people exercise more if they enjoy what they are doing. Surely then the introduction of technology to enhance enjoyment as well as performance must be applauded. So whilst running one sunny Sunday morning I began thinking about how a little bit of technology could increase your enjoyment levels;

(1) The Annual Conference A fully managed portal to manage several event elements: • Event registration • Personalised invites sent out and responses tracked on the site • Session choices monitored • Menu options • A post event satisfaction questionnaire delivered and responses monitored providing testimonials for marketing next years’ event What could be easier and raise enjoyment levels than eliminating having to complete time consuming and mundane tasks?

(2) The reward and recognition programme What about a bespoke system, linked to your company’s values and objectives. Whether rewarding loyalty, sales or learning with points linked to a catalogue or straightforward money, enjoyment levels increase with reward and recognition. Nowadays technology is the key to creating and maintaining engagement with any programme.

(3) The sales incentive We all understand this concept – the more you sell the greater our chance of going to the fancy restaurant, hotel or the destination of your dreams. How about adding in team or company performance league tables, gamification, regular email communications to increase engagement. All visible through a fully accessible website, branded to not only your company but the sales incentive or destination.

As I’ve learnt... adding in a little bit of technology goes a long way to increasing your enjoyment and performance. Call us at Corporate Innovations and we’ll get our digital team on the case!