Award-winning engagement agency, Corporate Innovations, has been commended after devising a unique way to showcase its client’s brand and product messages at an international trade show in Barcelona, Spain.

CI was appointed by Trend Micro, a global leader in internet content security software and cloud computing security, to provide an innovative event that would allow Trend Micro to effectively engage with delegates at the recent VMworld global conference for virtualization and cloud computing.

VMworld is held at Barcelona’s Fira Barcelona Gran Via conference centre. It is notoriously popular with IT delegates – but restrictive for exhibitors. Corporate Innovations therefore had to come up with a unique way to ensure Trend Micro would stand out and differentiate in the busy exhibition environment.

After surveying the show, the Corporate Innovations team took the innovative decision to rebrand a beautiful café that is sited across the road from the main entrance and taxi queue at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via building. “We quickly realised that there would be a high concentration of people leaving the show by the main entrance and joining a long taxi queue to get some transport back into the centre of Barcelona,” Corporate Innovations’ Jemma Peers explained. “That gave us a unique window of opportunity." “We saw the café across the road as a peaceful and attractive haven from the hustle and bustle at the end of a busy day inside the show. It made sense to rebrand the café as Trend Micro and to offer a level of hospitality that would encourage show delegates across the road and engage with our client in an inviting and altogether relaxing environment.”

Corporate Innovations served an array of beers and wines to delegates, as well as traditional tapas dishes. And to complete the offering, a fleet of complimentary Trend Micro-branded limousines drove delegates from the café into the centre of Barcelona when required. Jemma Peers added: “The event was extremely well received because it allowed delegates to talk business in an environment that was a million miles away from the noisy and competitive show halls inside the Fira Barcelona Gran Via." "By differentiating in this way, we gave Trend Micro’s important brand messages a single strong voice and allowed them to be heard and understood in the most effective way possible.”

Trend Micro’s Chris Hepple was impressed with the novel event that Corporate Innovations developed and thought that it bought the brand some valuable time with important show delegates that may have been missed inside the main conference halls. He said: “VMworld is a not just a big date in the Trend Micro calendar, but a marquee event across the global IT sector. Therefore, we needed to maximize our presence and stand apart from other vendors. We also needed to ensure we were speaking to the right delegates and achieving a measurable ROI." “We set Corporate Innovations the task of helping us achieve that. The Trend Café and complimentary limousine rides answered the brief. It set Trend Micro apart from the competition, extended our brand presence at the show and gave us invaluable time with our prospect customer base.”