Yesterday on the way to the airport my mind was racing as it normally does when taking a group on an incentive trip. Have I got everything? Have I sent enough pre-comms so that people know when and where to meet me? Then I have to remind myself that this is my holiday!

I don’t need to remember everyone else’s details and I certainly don’t have my heavy bag full of group information. My iPad is not packed with the incentive itinerary (an Event Manager’s bible!) - who is doing what and when! Instead, it is full of my holiday information, my e-books, my itinerary - yes, I do have one!

As an Event Manager it is very difficult to switch off, to remember that I don’t need to have every day planned, that I don’t have to be in control. That it is OK to not be the first up and the last to bed! This may still happen but because it’s my choice!

On my holiday I can be selfish and think about me! This is the first day of MY holiday, I have my books, my sun hat, I have turned my email off and I have my playlists loaded. I have my Pina Colada quickly warming up next to me so all I need to do now is take a deep breath.........And Relax!!!

If you want to feel this relaxed with your Incentive Travel and let us deal with your headaches – just give Corporate Innovations a call.