Imagine you are in a car, the UI (User Interface) is the steering wheel, seat and pedals and the feeling you get while driving is the UX (User eXperience).

It is important to differentiate these as you may have very good-looking web site but you must ask yourself “how does this make me feel?” equally you may have a feature rich site but it may have a complex layout. One phrase I have heard that sums all this up nicely is “Don’t make me think”.

Thinking is the last thing a user should be doing whilst on your web site. Let’s go back to the car analogy. You have been given a brand new Ferrari so you take it to the shops. Once you are back you feel annoyed and a bit worn out as you had to take the long way around, because of a speed bump, and you got stuck in the car park. The car is well designed and looks good but the way you feel after driving it well, not so much.

Here at Corporate Innovations we look at a number of factors when building award-winning websites, such as; who is the target audience, what are they trying to achieve and how they are going to achieve it. Bundle this in with amazing design and you will have a powerful User Interface with a fantastic User eXperience.

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