Thank you; two words that are thrown around and used frequently, but how often does the recipient really receive those words and feel gratitude?

Everybody loves to be recognised and appreciated for the work they do but sometime saying ‘thanks’ or ‘good job’ just doesn’t cut the mustard. Thanks, cheers, ta, there are so many ways to say it but it wouldn’t it be great to symbolise it?

Sending a visual thank you makes a bigger impact that gives a longer lasting effect. I’ve found in working closely with a client who truly values the art of creating a team and family environment in the workforce has really set it in stone how key this is. Through their own branded online recognition and rewards portal they can nominate colleagues, against the values they hold dear to their brand, to be in the running for employee of the month.

But perhaps the simplest and most effective way of saying a quick thank you or showing that you’re grateful for a job well done is by sending an Ecard. They have found via the functionality available on their platform that Ecards have been the most effective for instant peer to peer recognition. It can be made as personal as you want by having the option to write your own a short message justifying the reason for the card. It’s so quick and easy to do - anyone can do it, from Accounts to Sales.

The E-card really is the greetings card of the new age and deserves to be embraced. It’s a small bundle of happiness, dropped into an inbox that could really brighten up someone’s day. They also boast benefits that will please all marketing departments such as, boosting levels of engagement, cost effectiveness, and of course the ultimate in being environmentally friendly. You can even send them externally to a client as it’s a good way of driving brand awareness as you can create your own bespoke models.

If you want to learn more about how Ecards can increase peer to peer engagement and recognition get in touch!