When deciding to activate a sales incentive many organisations underestimate the level of detail and dedication required to ensure its success. Often the incentive destination and keeping within the budget are seen as the key factors. The reality is that these are just two small factors to be considered when activating an incentive!

Below are the four key factors that you also need to ensure are considered fully: Your Audience - The audience are not just the individuals who will directly take part in the activities/sales.

The secret to a successful incentive is to engage all levels including team leaders and managers to ensure they are driving the right behaviours within their teams. If required, these participants can be motivated separately through a dual level incentive whereby you have two league tables and two claim criteria or even four if needs be! Grand Prize - Whether it be a VIP all expenses paid trip for 20 people or a host of smaller trips the secret here is understanding your audience.

Whatever the prize is it needs to be appealing to the majority not just the team controlling the incentive. There are a few ways to ensure maximum appeal and these will also start to make the audience enthused and involved from day 1.

(1) A survey to gain insight into what would motivate the prospective audience or alternatively

(2) The incentive team could short list some options and put it out for the vote. This could double up as an enticing element of the launch!

(3) The launch - It is vital that the incentive has a successful launch that reaches each potential participant. Many of our incentives have been successfully activated through a face to face hype day with incentive ambassadors present.

(4) Branded items, refreshments and printed collateral, can all support the launch and this is a good opportunity for the internal senior stakeholder to engage with the audience. If you have employees that work remotely you may also want to consider a webinar to ensure everyone is aware!

(5) Duration and continued engagement - The duration will be driven by your objectives and focus but you must ensure you are allowing enough time for these to be achievable to avoid frustration. Once your duration is determined you need to build a plan to ensure continued engagement. This does not just comprise planned communications, as some may think, although this is a factor here. You will need to identify how often you plan to communicate and what the messages are (general comms, accelerators, league tables, winner announcements.)

You can also consider implementing interim smaller value prizes (these could be weekly or monthly). This will ensure the audience see the prizes as achievable as they are actively witnessing their colleagues winning and will drive them to do the same! Planned accelerators, for example; double/additional point opportunities, quizzes, ad hoc prizes, create a hype around the incentive and the audience will love the opportunity to gain additional points/prizes.

(6) Focus days are also useful to ensure awareness is maintained and could be scheduled once a week/month to ensure there is a presence within the business to combat any queries around the incentive and take feedback. Feedback from the audience is extremely important so amends can be implemented ASAP whilst the incentive is active!

Now the above may seem complicated but that's why we’re here to keep it simple and successful. Get in touch with Corporate Innovations today to discuss your next incentive and test out our winning formula!