Recently, we had the pleasure of trialling the new SMART kapp dry-erase board courtesy of our friends at Westcoast Distribution. The SMART kapp device is revolutionary in the world of flipcharts as it brings them completely up to date offering a range of functions to capture, save and share information digitally.

Individuals’ working lives are made easier as information can be shared across teams, within offices and also throughout companies worldwide. Check out this video which gives a great overview of the device in a working environment.

The timing of the SMART kapp couldn’t come any better for CI, as some of you will know we’ve acquired the London based brand agency Roundtable. The acquisition means more cross-project collaboration with our London colleagues.

When the trial SMART kapp arrived in its box I thought “Oh no I’m going to have to spend hours reading the instructions to work out how to get it started….” I was wrong! It was very simple to set up - put it up on the wall and plug it in. All I had to do then was download the app. (Only Apple and Android currently.) Once this was completed I was ready to go.

You are supplied with board markers, which like conventional flipcharts you just begin writing on the screen. We had a brainstorm meeting set up for a client project which involved cross collaboration with the London office so no better time to test it out. I captured the content easily on the screen from the brainstorm which was also viewable in real-time via the app for my colleagues in London.

At the end of the meeting I was easily able to save, and then share the notes, via a PDF document with the whole team. All in all, the SMART kapp has been a great addition to our agency and we have since purchased two for our Banbury and London offices.

Through our experience in delivering events, from meetings to conferences, I can see that the SMART kapp will soon be available in meeting and conference venues worldwide, as well as within the Higher Education sector where students are working remotely globally.