Coming from a retail background, the extent of my knowledge of new business went as far as convincing an unexpected customer, who was on a window shopping day out, that an extravagant handbag purchase was a must rather than a need, a necessity rather than a luxury.

So, upon pursuing a career change with Corporate Innovations, I had yet to learn just how much more the term ‘New Business Strategy’ went. Stepping into the role of Sales Support Co-ordinator was smooth, with a well-planned induction that stretched across the board of all areas of the work force. I was then hit with my first task. Follow up calls to potential new businesses.

My colleague Gareth had been to some event marketing forums, on a speed dating kind of introduction to potential new clients, and it was my responsibility to call them and try and secure a longer meeting. Guarded with what I thought was all the information I needed, I tentatively picked up the phone and dialled the first number. Pausing to take strategic breaths every time I was put on hold and re-evaluating my strategy. Luckily the first recipient didn’t answer and I was diverted to their answer phone. I didn’t leave a message cautious that they wouldn’t be able to de-code my mumbling dump of contact details.

Like most things sales related I soon realised that my safest option would be to go away and more fully research the task in hand, and I was glad I did. Coming across useful statistics like ‘The best time to make a follow up call is between 4.00pm and 5.00pm on a Thursday’, ‘80% of sales require 5 follow up calls’ and ‘44% of salespeople give up after the 1st follow up’. (20 shocking sales stats) . But the most useful tip I came across was ‘stand up when making a follow up call and breathe from your stomach’. This was a piece of information that stuck with me after attending a ‘Close that Sale’ seminar presented by Robin Fielder.

Research complete, I took myself off to try again. Picked up the phone and dialled the next number/ Taking deep breaths from the stomach and standing up does give your voice a confidence you don’t have when you sit down. I got through. The client and I ended up having a very useful and interesting conversation which led to her giving me her direct contact details. The success for me was more than just getting through to her; it was proof that doing your research really helps for the development of potential New Business.

For a company that values their research as well as the task in hand, call Corporate Innovations.