It doesn’t matter if you are a typical bricks and mortar organisation or an online business, email marketing is one of the best ways you can promote your products and solutions or simply to keep in touch with your users and customers.

Corporate Innovations ensure your email marketing campaigns are effective and enable you to reach an unprecedented number of potential customers while staying in touch with current customers. We’ve listed seven reasons below why an email marketing campaign by Corporate Innovations is perfect for your business.

Corporate Innovations ensure your Email Marketing Campaigns are quick and easy to set up. Email campaigns can be sent within days. There is no need for several internal meetings, hundreds of briefing documents and design by committee.

Email Marketing Campaigns provide increased web traffic and with the detailing reporting provided by Corporate Innovations you’ll be able to see who unsubscribes, who visited what link and if they interacted with the campaign providing you with almost instant Return On Investment statistics. Clicking links within email campaigns and visiting your website provide a greater user experience over and above the regular mail campaigns. Your existing and potential customers are kept up to date with regular monthly or weekly email marketing campaigns. Especially when you target specific segments of your database. For example, a regular customer should see a different message to a customer who has never purchased from you.

Email Marketing Campaigns are an extremely cost effective way of communicating with your customers. At less than a penny per recipient, an email marketing campaign from Corporate Innovations can maximise your marketing budget. Receiving an Email Marketing Campaign is optional. Not all of your customers want to receive all of your campaigns all of the time. Corporate Innovations can advise you on the right message to be sent at the right time.

People like to know what is going on and a well thought-out Email Marketing Campaign can ensure your customers feel connected with your business and as a result, your business, products and services remain at the forefront of their minds. Whilst ensuring the content of your Email Marketing Campaign is correct, such as proof reading and graphic creation, an area Corporate Innovations can assist.

Email Marketing Campaigns provide instant results, as soon as the ‘send’ button is clicked, your message is available to you customer. Even quicker than a phone call!

These are just some of the reasons why an Email Marketing Campaign is the perfect choice for your business and if you are looking for assistance in running your next campaign, Corporate Innovations can help.

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