Gamification is fast becoming a key tactic in engaging audiences. It allows brands to build bridges with consumers, partners and employees alike and communicate key messages in an interesting and fulfilling fashion. Below are Top 7 reasons to use gamification in your marketing campaigns, and on that, we've developed a quick, Halloween themed, memory game. Play our game.

7 Reasons to Use Gamification:-

1. Gamification is FUN! Since we were children we've used games to learn, sharpen our minds and compete to win

2. Gamification provides emotional engagement Playing and winning fulfil basic human emotional needs. This desire to belong, be accepted and acknowledged by our peers can be achieved and woven into the fabric of games

3. We are all goal driven Deep-down we all subscribe to goals. Games come with rules and it’s the motivation to achieve goals and beat our peers that helps games become compelling and engaging

4. Gamification can be used to reinforce education and elearning We can weave into the fabric of games valuable insights and development metrics, providing an enhanced learning experience

5. Games are cost effective Often the core element of a game is already developed and brands need to spend less on the mechanic itself and more on the customisation and brand personalisation

6. Games are rewarding. Literally. We live in a digital age and games can be tied to a range of instantly fulfilled vouchers, digital Visa cards, digital content downloads or other electronic reward. Alternatively, prizes can be won instantly and fulfilled offline, the key is that the success is achieved online in a branded environment

7. Tapping into the Zeitgeist Games can be used to piggy-back interest from other calendar events or cultural themes.

Take the number of campaigns with a Christmas, Valentines or Easter theme…. Why not accept our challenge and see if you measure up in our memory game and decide whether gamification can be used in your marketing environment to increase engagement.

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