Winning business is sometimes positioned as an art form and to some that may be the case. However, at the heart of most decisions will be an element of customer loyalty.

Here at Corporate Innovations we certainly take the view that client relationships are critical to our continued success and growth. Complacency is an evil that can quickly spread to destroy relationships and customer loyalty.

At our agency’s 20th birthday celebrations recently I spoke of the exceptional loyalty our clients have shown however emphasized this has only been possible by maintaining the highest standard of delivery on their projects. Reflecting on the event I feel delighted to have celebrated with 20 of our key customers, some of them having remained loyal to us for 15 years or more.

All of our customers spoke about these ongoing relationships being born out of our constant desire to challenge conceptions, use technology and innovation to provide an engaging solution and always listening to their objectives rather than trying to shoe-horn a “here’s one we made earlier” solution into their plans.

I feel one of the strongest reasons for the loyalty that our top clients have demonstrated to our business in the past five years is our ideas driven culture allied to the investment we have made in our digital and delivery teams. Our partners appreciate the talent that we can bring to bear on their project, to get under the skin of a brief and then quickly respond with innovative and cost effective ideas and then bring these to life, which they view is what sets us apart from others in the market.

We have built our business and won new clients by never being complacent or taking things for granted, maintaining our competitiveness by always understanding the market context and keeping senior members of our team on key accounts; thus addressing the major issues of dissatisfaction we know can be felt by clients. Clearly understanding our customer’s strategic objectives enables us to join the journey of a project from the beginning rather than when everything is “locked and loaded” which limits our ability to add value and leverage savings or use innovative solutions to support their programs.

In my opinion our success at Corporate Innovations has been achieved because of the loyalty of our customers and the dedication of our team to deliver excellence. Long may that continue!