So, you’ve planned your above the line campaign meticulously. It’s based on sound insight, has researched perfectly and the mix of opportunities to see (OTS) delivers against your target market and your budget. Your shopper campaign replicates the above the line and the trade’s delighted you’re delivering innovation and/ or excitement to the category. Sales will surely follow – yours and ideally the category’s too.

But in that rush of initial excitement, after the brand sells and Joint Business Plan (JBP) are over, feature space and media plan is negotiated, how do you make sure the message sticks? How do you make sure the trade remembers the time and effort you put into tailoring your campaign, or the investment you made in driving shoppers to part with hard cash to buy your brand and build your sales and those of the retailer?

If your company values the Advantage Group Survey - how do you make sure that the campaign is remembered several months later when multiple layers of the organisation fill out the survey? One answer could be launch events at retailer head offices. These fulfil a dual role.

Firstly for a broad reach of personnel to sample your product – from finance to HR to demand planning to facilities. Everyone loves a freebie. To a certain extent these launch events are as much consumer sampling (and the cost per sample can be significantly less), as they are a commercial play.

The second role is to embed in the hearts and minds of significant retail contacts the impact of the campaign.

At Corporate Innovations we have a long relationship with McVitie’s. They came to us to deliver a programme aligned to the McVities Sweeet campaign. If you haven’t seen the adverts, go here..  Time magazine called it ‘The cutest thing ever on TV' A true through the line campaign that features TV, online, PR and extensive shopper activation - coming to a store near you very soon.

It’s about driving the emotional connection of a biscuit moment, about how a biscuit makes the moment feel that little bit better. But to make this resonate, McVities needed to embed it in the hearts and minds of the retailers. We designed a campaign to make the working day a little bit better. Lucky dip walls give staff a chance to win head massages, canteen vouchers, branded earphones, stress balls, and of course, biscuits.

Scaled up for the top customers and down for the smaller customers (small enough to fit in an account manager’s car and be run by one person), the campaign delivers resonance and a permanent reminder of the day sitting on the customer’s desk.