We all know that a happy workforce is good for business, so by raising the levels of employee engagement, companies can benefit from increased levels of productivity, enhanced creativity and innovation from staff and generally have better performance all round.

Employees want to feel valued and be recognised for their efforts and one of the best ways companies can promote satisfaction is through a structured employee engagement and recognition programme. A recent survey, conducted nationwide from CareerBuilder that stated along with increasing salaries, ‘50% of people surveyed out of 3,008 said that; an increase in employee recognition rated high on their agenda’. Recognition through awards, cash prizes and company trips came out on top. Employee recognition and reasons to reward, can be delivered through many applications; whether it’s rewarding an individual for a job well done, an innovative idea, or a team reward for exceeding a sales target, the recognition of effort will help employees feel motivated and inspired in their work.

Communication is key to delivering a successful reward and recognition programme. When creating a new programme for our clients, firstly we listen to our clients’ challenges, then delve deep to understand their current level of employee engagement; from this information, we work closely together, to identify specific metrics that will drive the right behaviours and tailor an individual reward programme, to suit our clients’ budget.

The benefits of employee rewards are vast and totally flexible, they can be adapted as and when, and be implemented in lots of different ways. For example, a web based incentive portal can be structured to communicate key values, nominate colleagues, say ‘thank you’, distribute rewards, or drive engagement through gamification, accelerators or performance league tables. A comprehensive communication plan can help ensure improved levels of employee engagement and create a level of excitement that motivates employees further.

By capturing the imagination of individuals, you can keep them engaged and create ongoing exciting engagement pieces to drive interest. This could involve employees taking a quiz on new products, playing an online scratch-card after completing a training session with downloadable prizes or just as a thank you for their valuable feedback. So by creating an engaging employee recognition program with the right metrics for employees to strive towards, their performance will be enhanced.

At Corporate Innovations we help our clients to do just that, and have over the past 20 years succeeded in helping companies engage deeper with their employees and achieve enhanced performance levels. What can we do for you?