Here at Corporate Innovations we deliver events all over the world, and while the majority of our events are overseas, sometimes it’s an advantage to keep things local and this is why...

In 2013 leading airline reviewer Skytrax placed London Heathrow Airport at tenth place in the 2013 World Airport Awards. That’s a great boost for the profile of London, which allows us to promote the destination to our overseas clients. With ever expanding airline routes, getting around the UK is becoming increasingly easier. Virgin Atlantic recently launched their Little Red domestic service with 9 daily flights to Scotland - bridging the gap even more between north and south and giving us more options when planning and securing group travel.

We often get repeat events from our clients and we need to continuously look at ways to keep them refreshed – not only with the content, but the destinations. We are in a great position in the UK where we do have an exciting mix of places to choose from. Some countries have only a select number of cities that we would even consider.

For a recent incentive brief we shortlisted country pursuits in Oxfordshire, a driving experience day in Surrey and a day at the races in Edinburgh or Liverpool. With so much choice we could give the client a number of experiences to ensure previous attendees are given a unique experience from the previous trip.

The UK boasts a wide collection of venues that can be utilised for any type of event. And these venues aren’t just centralised in the capitals – they’re all over the UK. For a price tag of around £20,000 per day, Richard Branson hires out his world famous Necker Island to those that can afford it, but for a snippet of that price, and right here in the UK, in Scotland you can have your own private island - Isle of Eriska. OK, it doesn’t have the tropical climate and golden white sands, but who needs it when you have the gorgeous Scottish highlands in full view, a loch on your doorstep and for those that like a cheeky tipple why not throw in a tour of a local distillery while you’re there?!

Putting an event on in the UK has many plus points when it comes to pre event and on site planning. There’s no time difference, which can save wasted hours missing suppliers in the short window of time you are both available. Gone are those 4am wake up calls to catch some time before they head home at the end of the day; and no jet lag on site? Amazing!

Taking the above into consideration, it’s great to have the option to fly attendees to us and host them here as opposed to taking a group out of the UK. We can’t wait to showcase London this June and make it a trip of a lifetime for a group from India. Although, we’re keeping all our fingers crossed that the typical Great British summer weather doesn’t let us down..!

So on that note - don’t get me wrong, I love travel and the excitement of holding an event overseas, but every now and then it’s great to keep things local and be proud of what we have on offer to us so close at hand!

Can the UK tempt you?