Just following a yellow brick road after a storm is only part of the answer! The recent storms in the UK have disrupted many plans for 2014, sending people off their planned course and caught the Environment Agency and many government departments unprepared.

Like the weather continually changing so do our customers’ buying habits and with multiple channels for them to choose from it’s important for us to understand how these channels integrate and work together to achieve the end goal. We know that premium content, live experiences and the ever growing importance of digital connectivity have been three key drivers in engaging audiences this past year and continue to underpin an increasingly vibrant market in 2014.

As an agency it’s our role to get under the skin of our clients, understand their business objectives, who they target, how they communicate and get to grips with what works and what does not in maintaining and then converting the customer dialogue into business success. It’s in the all-important pIanning stage that campaigns can be won or lost, where objectives and ROI measures are established; without clear and measurable metrics projects are likely to drift off course and not deliver the results that management anticipated.

We need to understand with whom we are communicating and have insight as to the most effective manner with which to communicate the brand’s promise to its target audience; how can we plan where we want to go without knowing the method of travel and destination? Although Dorothy was blown off course by a tornado in Kansas, she ultimately determined her destination, found the road she needed to take, got the right advice along the way and ultimately made it home.

Can we help you find your way?