So you‘ve run the same conference or event for a number of years and whilst it’s always a year on year success you’re thinking about how to mix things up, pull out all the stops, pop the champers and truly outdo yourselves this year. The good news is with some guidance and foresight delivering an event with real impact is well within your reach and it needn’t cost the earth! Far from it. Indeed the world is only getting smaller and there are lands of opportunity aplenty just waiting for your employees, customers or partners to discover!

The typical top destinations New York, London, Dubai, Monaco whilst relentlessly timeless and fabulous can often come with a nice shiny gold price tag and let’s face it the unknown is always far more exciting and intriguing…. Well, dear readers, as Corporate Innovations constantly work with trusted partners and experts around the world, as well as clocking up too many of the old air miles ourselves, the time has come to share our little black book of hidden gems for 2014. But don’t shout about them, they are hidden gems for a reason….

For 2014 here are some of our top destinations: Costa Rica What can be said about this incredible destination? From personal experience you won’t find another place on earth that can pack so much into such a tiny country. Volcanos, bubbling hot springs, stunning waterfalls, rainforests and some of the world’s finest surfing and scuba diving. While most of the country is action packed, head to the western coast for a chilled Caribbean vibe, where guests can go with the flow and soak up the tropical weather in this rustic paradise.

Considerations - at the moment there aren’t any direct flights from the UK. Your guests would need to do a quick change in the USA, but it’s worth it. To make the most of your time at least a 5 day trip or combined trip & conference is recommended. Malaysia Kuala Lumpar has evolved as a stunning cosmopolitan city with all the restaurants, activities, bars and shopping you could wish for. This is a fantastic city with so much to offer and yet luckily for you still remains off the normal destination check list. While the city offers some of the best conference facilities in Asia, take your guests out of the capital and they’ll be able to explore bags of beauty, nature and adventure. Visit an elephant sanctuary, tackle white water rapids and set up camp beside a riverbed.

Or for those seeking real adventure set off to visit the orangutans in Borneo followed by a group climb to the summit of Mount Kinabalu! Ecuador Wake in your very own jungle lodge, to the sounds of the rainforest and pinch yourself that you’re here. The experience will stay with you and your guests forever. After breakfast head deep into the amazon jungle to fish for piranha, spot tropical birds at canopy level or drift up stream in a dugout canoe. Later head back to base and relax in a hammock sipping cocktails, before enjoying top international cuisine under the stars. Ecuador is the place to be for that once in a life time trip and far more reasonably priced than you’d expect!

Considerations - to experience the incredible it takes a while to get there! But a luxury, fun fueled night out in Quito, the highest capital city in the world makes the journey just as important as the destination. And finally a little closer to home, Serbia This relatively unknown destination is able to offer some fantastic hotels for your conference at a fraction of the price compared to your Parisian, London or German venues. The flight time is only a comfortable 3 hours from the UK and being just outside that EU border also means you’ll save on the evil TOMS VAT. The charming historical centre with plenty of alfresco dining also offers some great shopping opportunities and plenty of watering holes for guests to enjoy in the evening. This up and coming destination is definitely one to watch!

Any of these tickle your fancy? Drop us a line or let’s meet for a cuppa….