While shopping with my six year old daughter this weekend I experienced at first-hand the effect that emotional marketing has on our purchasing decisions.

It had been a long day and we had stopped at the shop on our way home. While I was urgently grabbing items from the shelf to ensure the stopover was as short as possible my daughter decided to visit the confectionery aisle (what she describes as her dream place). So to ensure a trauma free visit I told her she could choose a chocolate bar from the selection. She did, but much to my shock, she chose a very modest sized bar (not her usual tack) so I asked “Are you sure darling it’s very small?”, to which she responded “Yes Mummy I’m sure - the picture on the packet makes me happy!”

This very innocent comment took me back to a recent article I had read on the impact of emotional marketing which contained the following stat “Emotion acts on the brain 3,000 times faster than rational thought” (Neilson).

Her rationale and usual purchase would have been the biggest bar she could find, but today she acted based on her emotional reaction to the product.

Is your decision to choose a certain product sometimes merely emotional? Emotions shape our conscious thoughts and not the other way around. Sensations evoke emotions to bubble over.

Interestingly, the imagery that surrounds words and their meaning (like a song, a photo, the script within a logo) is often more important than the words themselves. You can see this in action with successful brands evoking valuable meaning through associated images, metaphors, myths and legends that bring on particular emotional states.

There’s no ‘single message’ that goes with a brand. Everything communicates something!

How does Corporate Innovations make you feel?