As a nation we are constantly embracing new technology. Our phones have become so integrated into our lives it’s hard to think about life without access to internet banking, online shopping and social media. The events industry is no different.

There are some amazing new products and apps available to delegates and event organisers alike; from virtual assistants being able to demo new products and give out directions, apps being developed that will replace hotel room keys or allow you to set up meetings with other delegates at a conference you are attending that day. There are new apps, products and services being created on a daily basis and Corporate Innovations is no different, we definitely keep up with the growing trends and demands for these products.

Personally, I love digital solutions that make my life, as an Event Manager, slightly easier and, in turn, impress my clients. Without blowing our own trumpet too much, here at Corporate Innovations we have a long back catalogue of products and apps that help the project management of an event no end. Some of my favourites are those that are deemed a little simpler to use including: our fully functional delegate registration system. This allows delegates to; register for their trip, choose from a variety of activity choices, enter vital and confidential details (such as passport name, next of kin details etc) but also securely save those details so that the delegate can log back in and check or amend their answers. Incredibly, they are then able to print off their own personalised itinerary for the trip including their; individual flight times, chosen activities, meeting points and personal timings.

Not only does this portal save hours of time calling delegates to track down information, it also gives the user a really good first experience of their trip or conference and a place where they can find all the information they need. Simple, uniquely personal and perfectly effective!

There are, of course, a whole array of other products and services that the Corporate Innovations digital team can offer. Many of which ensure our events run impeccably. From event apps containing agendas and speaker bios, Q&A apps that allow questions to appear on a live screen, to feedback surveys that have an automated results display. All ensuring data is shown in an easy to read and comparable fashion.

Technology is definitely helping out event managers in a big way. Lastly, one thing I feel is taken for granted is the power of SMS. On an event for 200 in Hong Kong recently, we sent out pre-written text messages to delegates telling them where to be, what to bring and what time to be there. Something so simple was a huge hit with our guests and ensured that all guests were punctual and fully informed.

Sometimes it’s the small day to day services that are the most successful. How can our digital team make your life easier?