Having just moved house I am quite sad not to have a valid reason for spending every spare moment looking at the estate agency websites to see which properties have come online and checking out other people’s décor choices! It was during this time that I came to realise how important it is for websites to be responsive to each viewing device.

I entered into quite a lengthy battle with a nationwide estate agency as their floor plans did not have a zoom capacity so viewing them was quite impossible on my phone when I was out-and-about. They assured me that the zoom function was working on all their company supplied iPhone 5’s. My point was that not everyone has an iPhone 5. They did, eventually, agree that something needed to be done and their IT team was set the task of increasing compatibility to more devices than those created by Apple.

Mobile device adoption is still on the increase and the 2nd Annual CCS Insight Tablet User Survey reveals high levels of purchase intention among non tablet owners. 60% of all tablet users state it is their main device for Web browsing which has been driven by its portability (55%) and convenience (45%) with 60% of people using their tablets for online shopping.

A recent study conducted by Sterling Research and Smith Geiger called ‘What Users Want Most From Mobile Sites Today’ shows that 67% of users are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site. Can you really afford not to develop your website? Gone are the days when two sites are required; one for desktop and one for mobile. I understand that evolution is daunting, and ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, but it will be more beneficial and efficient to spend the time developing a ‘one size fits all’ website that can provide the optimal user experience irrespective of the device and screen size being used. With sites relying on images and text it’s not just how it looks it’s how quickly or slowly the pages load on each device.

Marketing activities can also be improved with complementary activities all delivered timely across all customer touch points. “Customers can interact with a site regardless of the device they are using, instead of having to choose between viewing the whole page illegibly or one small part of it, that's disorienting - where usability improves, decreased bounce rates and increased conversions are usually not far behind.” PracticalEcommerce

Here at Corporate Innovations we provide our clients with portals for event registration and incentives that incorporate; gamification, accelerators, online scratch-cards, and downloadable prizes after completing a training session. All our websites are initially tested via a commercial browser testing utility and then a full hardware check on all devices is undertaken, ensuring many different versions of the main three browsers are included. It’s a service we provide as standard as we do understand, first hand, how frustrating it can be when you can’t access exactly what you want from a website!

Let us create your next incentive or event website and ensure it looks its best wherever and however it’s being accessed.