We’ve all been there, the brief from hell that’s clearly toured the agencies before unfortunately darkening your door or the energy sapping black-hole of a brainstorm that only oppresses the creative process. But in the blink of an eye, or so it may seem, Eureka, the light bulb is on! However, on closer inspection all becomes apparent, one of the more diligent among you has been beavering away in the corner, delving deeper and deeper into the research, breaking down the audience, discovering that all important insight. But what exactly is insight, and why is it akin to opening the fridge door…?

Firstly, let’s start with what it’s not (and personally one of my biggest bug-bears). Sharply gathered statistics augmented through SmartArt, jazzed up with a bit of colour and proudly presented on a Powerpoint slide. This is quantitative research. Usually quickly followed by a testimonial of some description. This is qualitative research.

Statistical analysis is indeed a vital component in building the foundations for any piece of insight, but in isolation merely data and observations of human behaviour, or for the more metaphor hungry amongst you, dots on a page in desperate need of a little joining up. Take a wander around the world wide web and not so surprisingly definitions of insights come thick and fast; this almost mysterious term is clearly entwined in harnessing a deeper level of understanding or put quite simply; an answer to the why?

Christene McCauley, a global planning director at Diageo, gives it a little more umph with “a penetrating discovery about consumer motivations applied to unlocking growth.” The four areas most commonly associated with insight exploration are Brand, Product, Customer and Cultural, although one can obviously delve beneath the surface of pretty much anything with a reasonable amount of time and seasoned application.

Clearly with new-fangled technological wizardry such as Big Data establishing real-time up to the minute insights has never been easier. However as enterprise architects and the financial clout required to facilitate such an operation can’t be found on any street corner you could always drop us a line at Corporate Innovations.

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