Picture the scene: You walk into your office, buzzing about how the hype day is going to drive the sales of a new product through the roof. You’ve planned and resourced to the ‘nth degree’. Your chosen theme represents the product perfectly and your theming couldn’t have more impact if you tried. Everyone arrives and is excited by what they see. Then… the mood drops. Sound familiar?

I, for one, am far too familiar with this scene. Here are four helpful hints to put the HYPE back into your hype days!

H: Never underestimate the power of HUMOUR. Regardless of the aim of your hype day – whether it’s to push a new product, increase general sales or launch a new incentive – the key is to create a huge atmosphere that lasts throughout the day. A simple and effective way of doing this is to engage their funny bone! How often have we all endured a conference that, however interesting, seems to drag on for hours until a particularly charismatic speaker gets up and cracks a joke – instantly you feel more awake, more engaged because the atmosphere has lifted and lightened with laughter. This is exactly the same concept – get the sales floor laughing, give them something to ‘banter’ about and you are in for a cracking atmosphere all day. The better the atmosphere in the office – the more engaged they will be with the incentive – the harder they will work. Why not place a silly, preferably themed, game in the office to be played during breaks and watch them ‘fight it out’? Perhaps make it a tie breaker for the top two salesmen of the day? Why not ask the team to fancy dress to the theme – better yet – fancy dress yourself and get the bosses to put the effort in – give the sales floor a giggle. Now I hear what you are saying – ‘isn’t this all a bit gimmicky?’ Well, yes…100%! But it works!

Y: YELL about it! If I had a penny for every time someone has come up to me half way through a hype day saying ‘so, what are we actually doing? ‘ I’d be…well…about £1 up – but you don’t join the events industry for the money! If you’ve put all the effort, time and money into your hype day then yell about it! Send out custom HTML emails beforehand to shout about the event, perhaps even a countdown for a couple of days to build the tension. Make sure BEFORE the day that everyone knows what’s happening, why it’s happening and what they need to do to win! You could send a morning ‘wake up’ SMS message to set the mood for the day right from the ‘get go’. Don’t stop there – welcome people into the office with a presentation and introduce the new product/ service/incentive – remember you will be in fancy dress at this point so you might want to keep it brief! Have a visible scoreboard and tell them what they need to do to climb to the top. If you choose to have hourly winners or spot prizes – shout about it, if not audibly, via your office TVs or hourly congratulation emails. The more informed the group are, the better they will perform as they will get more competitive. This will not only increase the atmosphere but productivity too! Most importantly – always debrief with an email. Let them know who won and what the sales figures were. Employ this engaging tactic and your hype days will improve dramatically!

P: Make sure you have really put thought into your PRIZES! Never underestimate knowing your audience  Once you have properly gaged the demographic of your sales floor, then you can tailor the prizes to that audience and actually incentivise them. For example, if you tried to engage me with some top notch football tickets with a meet and greet with none other than the great Joe Hart, you’d make as much impact as you would offering an office full of generation x employees a National Trust membership. Now, offer me tickets to a West End show – preferably Jersey Boys or Lion King – then I will work my socks off! No matter how great the prize is, it must be something with which your audience can connect and want to use. It goes without saying, you are not going to please everyone all the time, however if the average age range of your office is 30+ then maybe offer a family trip rather than a snazzy pair of Dre Beats headphones!

E: Always try to finish with an explosive ENDING! So you have injected humour throughout the day, kept the sales floor informed and have a prize that would make even the Homer Simpson of the office pull his socks up. Don’t forget to end the day with a bang! A common mistake is to wait until the last few minutes of the day to announce the overall prize winner – you are battling with a tired office, most of whom know they are not in the running and are edging towards the door for their drive home. Try to end the hype day an hour before the end of the working day. This will ensure far less distractions and a more engaged audience. Why not bring everyone together again, just as you did at the start of the day, if only for a minute or two. Let the team know what a great job they have done, give them the sales figure they hit and then announce the winner in front of the whole team. If you have employed a game, bring them all to watch the final blow out. This will have a far better impact than sliding a gift bag onto a desk with a ‘well done, you’ve won’ coupled with a single clap from the eager college sat on the next desk. Make it big!

So, just follow these steps and I guarantee your hype day with will go off with a BANG time and time again. Remember the more engaged and enthusiastic the team are with the incentive the harder they will work! Simple right? Why not make it that much simpler and get us to do the hard work for you…just a thought!