There are so many ways to wow your customers and partners on events or incentives, to be honest over the years we’ve become a bit of a dab hand at it… But getting back to basics, whether it’s a conference, incentive trip or even a team building day, there are a few golden rules you should try and keep in mind when managing an event to keep your guests on their toes, get them spreading the word and keep them coming back for more!

1. COMMUNICATE. Get the communications right from the off and your potential guest will be sold from the start. Communications should be clear, simple and where possible web optimised for updates on the go! Use exciting words to heighten their engagement, outline the benefits for attending an event and ensure there is lots of information on the event logistics so your delegate feels informed and in control.

2. CREATE THE LOOK. The look and feel of your event speaks volumes, guests are more and more savvy and if you cut corners it will show. Really think about what you’re trying to achieve out of your event and what impression you’re trying to create or sustain. Fear not, savings can always be made somewhere but leave out the canapés or book a less than par venue and your guests will see through it!

3. GET THE MESSAGE. This is your one opportunity to communicate your message and brand to a captive audience- who have come to you! Brand the hell out of your venue and get your message across, remember to be clear on any call to action your guests need to take. A clear, integrated brand and message will always go down well!

4. SURPRISE! Wherever possible keep back a few wow moments that will surprise everyone. An unexpected delight always goes down a storm, compared to when your guests are sitting there waiting for it to happen. Remember timing is key.

5. REMIND. An event doesn’t just finish once you’ve closed that hotel door. Far from it, any event good or bad, will be discussed with your guests friends, family and colleagues for another week yet. Within 48 hours of the event remind your guest of what a fabulous time they had. Share with them a follow up HTML including photos, guest feedback, communications and any call to actions, and if you haven’t already collated their event feedback, this is a prime opportunity to do so!

The above are just a few golden rules to running a successful event. Need more advice, or too busy to worry about all this, leave it to us…