Ah summer! The sweet smell of freshly cut grass, the long days of sunshine, of lazy evenings over Pimms in a lively pub garden with your friends and colleagues... Familiar? But if it’s summer it must be that time of year when FMCG brands finalise their brand plans. The sounds, sadly rather more familiar to brand and trade marketing managers, are the sounds of number crunching and keyboard tapping as the plans are knocked into shape, ratified internally and then, finally wonderfully, unveiled to sales forces and trade alike.

It’s a great time of year, when you suddenly see your hard work coming to fruition. But, as we’ve heard from our clients a lot recently, why does the crunch time of year always happen to fall over the summer period when team members traditionally take holiday?

It frequently exacerbates an already stretched situation.... If you and your team are stretched, consider the following: 1. Are all the projects your team are working on truly essential, or are they merely a ‘nice to do’?

2. Do you have the right people allocated to the right projects where their skill set can drive it forward at pace?

3. Do you have the right level of resource in your team generally?

4. Have the projects been multiplying by stealth, and only through holiday time does the real resource gap show itself?

5. Do you need some interim resource to get you through the final months of the year, to deliver the brand plans as they should be delivered, rather than ‘doing the best you can’?

Corporate Innovations can help. We can provide you with that extra resource to help you through this busy time. We have a stable of top-flight brand, shopper and category marketing managers that can work for your organisation on an interim/ contract basis, either in your office or remotely.

Our team are hugely experienced at stepping into a situation, working out what needs to be done, and delivering at pace. And they might even help you get to experience some of that evening sunshine!

If you think we can help, or just want to talk things through, give us a call.