I love to travel, who doesn’t? After taking a year out from Corporate Innovations to travel the world it gave me a hunger to explore new places, meet people in different cultures and experience what the world has to offer.

My Facebook is awash with friends I have made all over the world from all sorts of different cultures and backgrounds. With the internet and social media bringing the wider world closer to our own door, I often feel envious when I see my friends on their adventures posting endless photos of their experiences. I love to see where people have been and what they have experienced to spark my imagination and creativity for what would work for our client groups.

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest seem like unlikely resources for professional research but believe me; you can find all sorts of hidden gems in lots of unusual places. Regardless of this increase of easy-to-find information for the ‘big wide world’, I still find some clients reluctant to explore the possibilities of wider adventures for reward programmes. Here at CI we very firmly believe that international travel still has its place in rewarding audiences. ‘But international travel is just too expensive’ I hear you cry, but I’m sure you will be surprised with what we can achieve within your budget. Challenge us to think outside the ‘4 hour flight box’ – we can unearth some real gems!

Now, I’m not saying we can take your clients on an international adventure for the same cost as an iPad but given the choice, what would motivate you? The potential to win an, although useful, electrical possession or a once in a lifetime experience that will never be forgotten – I know which one I’d go for!

A reward that shows your clients/customers different parts of the world to promote diversity, creativity and creating thought provoking moments of wonder. Of course, we still love the old fav’s Morocco, Cannes and Rome and will be heading to them in 2015 BUT the last 2 years have allowed us to show our guests some of the world from a different view point with trips to Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Sydney, Ecuador, Cuba and Thailand. We are making it our mission to show that the world IS a big place, BUT it is accessible AND within a budget! Plus it’s my own personal mission to make back packer’s paradises accessible to our guests – let’s travel this amazing ‘big wide world’! December’s edition of C&IT Magazine focused on the future of incentives, check it out it’s an interesting read, especially if, like me, you believe incentive travel is not dead and will be making resurgence in 2015.

It’s time to celebrate all the big wide world has to offer – it’s all within reach! So, now for my personal list of exciting places for the next few years: - San Francisco, California - Japan - Argentina Contact Corporate Innovations and we’ll see where your budget can take you.

Maybe I will be seeing you there?