Like it, share it, view it, post it, tweet it, pin it….digitally engaged definitely, but enthused and excited or dare I say it, entertained, maybe - maybe not. All undeniably clear and concise measures but indications of what exactly?

Fear not; dissing the all-encompassing digital dynamo would simply be asking for it, but in an ever increasing device-defined world giving a little consideration to the traits which make us ‘pop’ could never be a bad thing. Surely? Admittedly a live event, more often than not, starts and ends with a digital connection but is enough love, care and attention being given to the reason you’ve shifted yourself into said position in the first place?

Sensory Branding, Experiential, Brand Translation, Ambient Media; the modern day ‘PR Stunt’ has many guises and I’m sure it won’t be long before some new-fangled terminology is amongst us but for a simple explanation that I feel really encapsulates its essence, these guys nail it: “The more points of sensory contact there are, the more memorable traces a brand leaves behind” Body and Giboreau 2007 And let’s face it, there isn’t a brand out there that doesn’t want to make that moment of engagement memorable. Driving the momentum of experience - marketing is its freedom from the confines of big budgets, obviously having financial capacity aids the pyrotechnical whizz, but monetary muscle is by no way essential. Sometimes the most simple of ideas can be the most effective.

Illustrated perfectly by one of the biggest budget holders of them all: Click here to watch a YouTube video So the next time you find yourself deep in the data, counting the likes to give weight to your post-event evaluation document, ask yourself - how did it make them feel?

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