What is Gamification and how does it benefit us?

Gamification is a powerful tool to help engage and motivate users into learning new skills. Developing game aspects around an objective can help drive user’s curiosity to discover something new and to get the feeling of accomplishment when overcoming difficult challenges and reaching personal objectives.

Gamification is used to improve users’ engagement, motivation and retention of an activity. It can also be engaging enough to invoke voluntary learning by applying goals and awards for the user.

Below are some great examples of how companies are applying gamification to their needs.

Top examples of Gamification in business

  • US Army
    1. Gamification use: Recruitment
    2. The US Army has been known to use gamification in order for training purposes. Now they are using gamification in its recruitment program to engage its audience.
  • Jillian Michaels
    1. Gamification use: Motivation and Goal Tracking
    2. Jillian Michaels encourages users to stay on track with her fitness programs with challenges, contests, badges, partner and group challenges.
  • Samsung Nation
    1. Gamification use: Social Loyalty and Customer engagement
    2. Samsung reward their community for participating in Q&A discussions, watching videos viewing products. In exchange for their participation they receive badges and progress through levels of achievement. They already had a lot of engagement throughout the site so they focused instead on the benefits of encouraging users to review their products and create valuable branded content for the company.

How to apply gamification to help teach and engage your users

The trick is to come with an engaging use that benefits you and keeps your users coming back and wanting to play more. Once you come up with a great engaging use for your users, the next step is to think of how to apply gamification aspects to apply around your content to make it more engaging, for example, badges and awards. Users will be more engaged and return to continue playing if they believe they are working towards a goal.

As part of the development team at CI, I love creating and developing gamification for our clients, it has a real ROI benefit and a little healthy competition is always fun. If you would like to see what our team can do for your business with the view to engage through gamification, don’t hesitate to give us a call!