Have you ever sat in a meeting where you could happily chew off your right arm to escape? Haven't we all!! Many organisations underestimate the importance of the actual environment in which the meeting will take place, as well as the technology they are using to convey their messages, but in fact the environment can make or break a meeting or presentation.

At Corporate Innovations we believe there are 5 key elements to ensure success:

1. First Impression – The room must be warm and invite guests in. The first impression is key!

2. Atmosphere – Try to evoke guests’ senses.... is the temperature right, how does the room smell, does the space have visual appeal and is it a reflection of your engaging content?

3. Interaction - Keep the group involved, actively encourage and embrace discussion, use props, play games/set tasks.

4.Technology – Try to utilize different presentation formats other than PowerPoint where possible. Is your content relevant and to the point? Embrace video and audio content, consider the technology you are presenting from.... is it restricting you from circulating around the room, does it reflect your businesses innovation? If you are using a laptop, projector and screen the answer is probably not!

5. Experience - The whole meeting/presentation should be an experience. People are always looking for fun, impacting, and memorable experiences. You want people to look forward to what you’re going to share with them, from when they walk in the door until they walk out, every moment should engage and build momentum. By creating an engaging environment and embracing technology, your audience will be more eager to connect and remain engaged for longer.

We were recently set the task of creating such an environment for one of our key clients, United Biscuits. With one very large uninviting open space, many different messages to convey, and so many different brands to incorporate, we would not only have to create one central brand environment but individual brand zones also. And so the UB Hub was born. With a full floor to ceiling set-build dividing our once vast and uninviting space into five individual warm, inviting and innovative branded environments, each of which were built to reflect the key brand messages and products, and included top of the range technology to facilitate the presentation delivery, Corporate Innovations have delivered the UB Brand Sells into the 21st century and given their audience a new, engaging sell experience. When you achieve that connection you will be able to lead your clients through scripture and discussion more effectively leaving a memorable experience in their mind that also makes your follow up that much easier!

To discuss how Corporate Innovations can support you to create a more engaging, innovative environment for your organisation give us a call!