In a world that is ever evolving it’s important to stay current, right? Well when many of your clients operate in the IT/Technology sector this is a must. Last week I attended the International Technology Conference hosted at The Microsoft Campus in Reading, the line-up of speakers was extensive and pulled me in immediately upon receiving the invitation to attend.

Having delivered so many conferences with Corporate Innovations it was nice to be an attendee rather than a facilitator for once. I took my very conformable seat in the Microsoft auditorium in anticipation of an eye opening revolutionary day. Jon Briggs (Voice of Siri) was our moderator for the day and what can I say not only was he hilarious, engaging and somewhat fascinating but his interaction with the speakers and his understanding for the content was exceptional!

The morning of the conference was the stand out for me, it was kicked off by Renato De Castro  (Executive Director, SmartUp Consulting Firm), the session was entitled “A Blurred Smart Future”. Renato really set the scene for the day by introducing us to the technologies and trends that are helping shape and redefine the world, introducing us to Smart Cities where everything conspires to make your life better, Smart drugs that will adapt its behaviour based on your DNA pattern, 4D printers that will revolutionise the world of manufacturing and products as we know it. Imagine an item of clothing that has the intelligence to remould itself to fit you perfectly! The standout element for me was around AI (Artificial intelligence) with a very bold statement that by 2020 AI will start to replace jobs across the globe with driving being the first to be replaced.

Daniel Winn (Head of Internet of things, Vodafone) followed on from Renato. A couple of topics stood out for me the first being Intelligent footprint technology, recently Vodafone adopted this across their retail outlets with the data gathered resulting in a total restructure of the layout of the stores, it’s incredible how our actions can be so vastly influenced by our senses and the surrounding environment.

AD Mirrors…. Could this mean the end of POS/Physical advertising as we know it? A mirror that is also a subliminal digital advertising space/public message board. Now the next topic was something I have come across before but still a fascinating concept that is Car sharing…. Very like the Boris bike but for cars rather than buying a Porsche why not rent someone else’s for an hour/day/week and a Ferrari the next? Then we started to get a little big brother…. Sensormind (remote monitoring of home and persons including any unusual behaviours), what if your bin could tell you when it needs emptying and then books its own rubbish collection?


The Digital revolution is inevitable and unstoppable and at CI Group this excites us, what does the future hold?!

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