Do you want to be motivated and inspire your employees in the process?

Then you need to create or improve your work environment by paying close attention to the key factors: communication, recognition, relationships and involvement.

Below are a variety of factors to encourage motivation:

  • Maintain regular contact with your colleagues and discuss important factors within your work place.
  • Whilst communicating with your colleagues, always stay calm, collective and respectful.
  • Always give your employees recognition.
  • Take the opportunity to take part in company activities and use employee benefits.
  • Involve employees in key decisions within their role in the company.
  • Always have positive goals and clear expectations.

At Corporate Innovations, we are always creating new ways to boost our motivation.

These are some of the strategies we use to achieve this:

We always begin the week by having team meetings, where we share any successes of the past week, as well as suggestion on better capabilities, efficiencies and ideas to keep us driven and focused on engaging our clients. We each cast one vote for colleague of the week to recognise the colleague who has gone that extra mile!

With our award-winning track record, it is important for us to keep generating brilliant ideas for our incentives and promotions and reward programmes. The better our motivation as a team the better our ideas. We have stand up meetings, writing all possible ideas on sticky notes and putting them all over our ‘ideas’ board so we can keep going back and building more ideas.

The positive tone is set as soon as you walk through the doors. We have achieved this by having creative and thoughtful quotes on our walls as this keeps us heading for our end goals whilst doing our day to day work activities.

We have recently started using an application called Mural, which is a visual digital workspace so teams can collaborate remotely. One of our Murals is used for ideas on improving well-being in the office. We have all logged on and wrote our thoughts and ideas.

It is important that we all remember that above all – Together, Everyone Achieves More!