“Digital usually refers to something using digits, particularly binary digits.”

Digital is everywhere and is becoming more and more apparent as companies all over are migrating to the “Cloud”.

Have you ever been asked to produce a proposal for a reusable multi-purpose platform across various markets, product sectors or audience in 7 different languages? (I would be surprised if the answer is no given the direction that digital is going…) We have!

As a fairly obvious statement, systems are a lot of the time developed in silos with no capability of evolving — by sector, geography, or organization. And instead of communicating with other platforms, duplicate information and make it difficult to aggregate data.

Have you ever considered SSO? One login and access to multiple platforms that also adheres to any security or compatibility guidelines you may have? We have!

Those best practices have been refined into nine principles for digital development;

 9 principles for digital development

What makes these so effective and understandable is their simplicity. The UX is a big part of what we do.

The principles are meant to be a guide and are there to be challenged as every client Is different. They quickly become a lot more complex when you try to implement in different environments with technology that is ever changing, however, we are experts in taking a complex process along with masses of data and turning it in to an ‘easy on the eye’ business system that is easy to understand and easily digestible.

If you have a problem and think we can help or you want to provide a digital solution by means of a platform to incentivise and engage your target audience, come and speak to us.

We are here to help you by turning your problems in to simple, efficient solutions.

We are extremely passionate about delivering digital solutions and keeping it simple, efficient and successful. Come and see our development and creative capabilities here at Corporate Innovations.

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