New Year’s resolutions are legendary, embedded in our history and wherever you turn during the first few weeks of January everyone seems to be doing them. The gym is crammed with people trying to fit more exercise into their lives, half the office suddenly start drinking green tea and the recruiters all spring into action. So, it got me reflecting on my thoughts about resolutions.

I always made New Year’s resolutions when I was younger, because everyone else seemed to, but they never amounted to anything. Why? Because I wasn’t dedicated enough to making them work for me, they weren’t relevant to who I was or what I wanted to achieve and more importantly I didn’t get support for making my resolutions. This eventually put me off making them and thinking they were pointless.

When it comes to career ‘resolutions’, firstly, they don’t have to be exclusive to January – they are relevant all year. It just so happens it’s a topical conversation now. Yes, you need some idea of what you want and what you want to achieve, but if you don’t share them with your employer how will they support you? The complimentary side to this – and the main point of this post - is that a forward-thinking company will share with you their vision for the year ahead. Along with what skills they need to develop the business forwards and where you can support. This develops trust, collaboration, understanding and a strong relationship where you are ultimately supporting each other.

You might feel I am stating the obvious, but so many companies don’t do this two-way process, they ask you what you want, set the objective and then tick a box when it’s done. This is where CI Group stands out from the crowd. I’m 4 days back into the business and I already have a solid idea of what’s in the pipeline, where I am going and some clear objectives that match me and the business. I can clearly see how my actions will push the business forwards in 2017. Sure, these will evolve and develop, but I have a starting point and a plan.

CI Group applies the same philosophy to our clients as well. We want to hear about your organisational goals and objectives for 2017. Whether its definitive or you need some inspiration. Share with us what you want and we will support you to bring these alive with motivational and meaningful campaigns that tick your boxes.