How on earth do we turn your complex business process into a working web application? The key to this is simplicity, much like solving big complex problems we have to break it down into very small chunks and look at the process, once its all solved start putting it back together, only when this is done we will have a physical process that is now in a logical form and we can start programming.

Take one of our clients, they don’t sell direct they only sell via a network of 20-30 authorised Distributors who then sell to organisations that re-sell to the public or other companies we will call them Re-Sellers, this reward program rewards both Distributors and Re-Sellers. The fun does not stop there the amount reward depends on the type and status of the re-seller and when it was sold, the amount will change each financial quarter and sales are valid for 90 days so it is possible that two products sold could have a different reward amount depending on the sale date.

So once the migraine had gone away we all got together and started to break this down in to chunks

  1. Re-Sellers
  2. Distributors
  3. Products/Reward Amounts
  4. Sales Data
  5. Reward Algorithm


Then looking at each chunk on its own it started to feel a bit more manageable, we get the data for each re-seller along with their types and also the data for the distributors, which we can update when it changes.

The reward amounts are set directly from the client so we built a database architecture that can hold the data needed and added date constraints so that the same product could have a different value depending on the sale date along with the date is the type of the re-seller which is a factor on the reward.

The sales data is the big one currently the data set is 21,293,064 items of data, that’s 36 volumes of War and Peace and if you read for 8 hours a day 5 days a week that’s about 9 months of reading, getting the data automated and right first time is critical, a minor infraction in the data would be catastrophic.

To tie all this together is the reward algorithm this accesses all the data and is able to determine the rewards to give. Which sounds quite straight forward now.  Once all the logic is done we bolt on the front end and we have ourselves a reward program.

I could talk for hours on how to simplify logic and build process (if I haven’t already) but don’t take my word for it, come and see us and we can create you some wonderful logic.