Great first impressions mean a great deal. Your website is your first impression to the digital world so you need to make sure it is a good one. The website should reflect everything you want potential customers to retain about your business.

Here are our five tips that you should consider to create a successful online tool for your business.

Quality of code
It is not all about how beautiful a website is, quality of code used to build the application can give it a solid backbone and can count for a lot more. If your website is built with dodgy buggy code (errors in code that can result in many things such as speed of your website, parts not functioning correctly or even potential security threats), this can prove costly for your business so it is IMPORTANT you get somebody that knows how to code to a high standard.

Ease of use
It is important to not over complicate the design of the website. If the website is overly complicated and difficult to navigate then this will impact on the user’s experience. There is a phrase often used, ‘less is more’, this phrase is perfect when it comes to websites.

Content and Imagery
Be succinct and engaging! Often when people view your website, if they don’t find what they are looking for within 10-15 seconds they will leave to another website. In addition, your content can determine how Google will perceive you and your business therefore you want to get this right!
Using great images can bring your website to life, there are many sources out there to purchase high quality images, for example, shutter stock, thinkstock, rf123 and getty images.

Design and Features
Features implemented into great design can add serious value to your website. Adding some quirky features can engage your audience for longer, keeping them more interested and perhaps gaining a returning user to the site.

Building a community and make your presence known online could potentially be very rewarding if your content is engaging enough. Get your presence out there by using social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Blogging is a great way to build community keeping your audience engaged with fresh content.

These are some great starting points to consider when developing a website for your business. Remember, take time in the planning stages of the website. If you rush the planning it will impact on the rest of the development of the website so, take time and do it right!

Planning + Design + Development = Success